Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Is Mentality and Mindset the Same???

Basically, what do you understand by MINDSET and Mentality??

Let me answer these Questions……
No, Mentality and Mindset are not same but we can call it similar. Why? This is because both are related to Thoughts & Thinking.
MINDSET: It’s an attitude held by somebody
MENTALITY: It’s a way of thinking.
Mentality of more of fixed kind but Mindset could change by influence. So, now it’s cleared that mindset and mentality do differ.

Now let’s talk about mindsets. There are major 2 types of mindsets – GROWTH and FIXED.

Now let’s listen to a story. The story of Meow and Bow having different mindsets.

Bow’s intelligence is static but Meow’s can be developed.
Bow desires to look smart and knowledgeable but Meow desires to learn more.
Bow avoids challenges and makes excuses but Meow loves challenges.
Bow always gives up easily whereas, Meow persists despite obstacles.
Bow blindly ignores useful feedbacks but Meow always takes the criticism as learning.
Bow is always lazy to put effort as he thinks it’s fruitless for him and Meow is always determined to put effort as she sees it as a golden path to mastery.

Meow is always inspired by other’s success whereas; Bow is always nagging out of jealousy or is threatened by other’s success.

Success in life is a matter not so much of talents as of concentration and perseverance - C. W Wendte

Bow balances, facilitates, conveys, listens closely whereas, Meow makes, produces, manages, answers, considers. So, now it’s up to you to become Bow or Meow
Once Carol S. Dweck said: Our studies show that teaching people to have a “growth mindset”, which encourages a focus on effort rather than on talent or intelligence, helps make them into high achiever’s in schools and in life.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Is your data protected? Is it limited to only you??

We're living in the era of "Information age" where almost every person uses a smart phone and somehow are addicted to it. We install apps and press the allow button on every permissions, the application owner use these apps to get control of our phone which contains a lot of data including access to your gallery. The easiest and quickest source to download a movie is Torrent, but this is the place where the most dangerous virus finds a way to enter into our hard disks and hence can access all the data present in it.

In this Cyber world, we should be aware of the frauders and the hackers as well, maybe sometime you got an empty message, maybe you don't remember or forgot about it, the moment you open it, all the information stored in your phone including messages, photographs, mail, camera, recorded voice, everything gets hacked. This can be be in any other form like an E-mail which states that you have won a lottery of 5 lakh rupees, after clicking on that link either it asks for your bank account details to transfer the money or asks to pay some amount of Rs 5000 or something as a custom duty tax. Another type may state that you have been selected in any giant company like Toyota or Maruti Suzuki and they may offer you a hansome salary, but at the same time you will notice that they are asking for some sort of money for the confirmation and to make sure you are joining their company as many person do not join even after the confirmation which leads to business loss, they will say. Don't fall into these kind of traps, trust me there is no one in this selfish world apart from your dear ones who thinks of your benefit unless they themselves are making any profit out of it.

Coming back to the Information business, every information is being sold, thousands of people share their phone number and e-mail id to get the lucky draw prize, they take the photocopies of the information and sell them.
We normally throw away the boarding pass after arriving from flight, there's a QR code printed on them, if we scan that code, we'll get the passport details, contact number, and the card and bank details used to buy the ticket are revealed, these information are being sold at a very good price to few agents and they've contacts with the call center people, you often get calls from call center or finance companies offering you car loans, home loans, personal loans, awards, rewards, offers, foreign trips etc.
The companies are always on look out for new customers, the fraud looks out for new prey, the information is bought from the call centers.

Information is power, in 1969 NASA sent a rocket to moon with the help of computer, our smartphone are million times more powerful, we're living in greatest of all times, "The information age"
Earlier battle was fought with weapons, then came the trend of bio-war, now we've "Cyber War"
For someone who can use data, its not an information for him, its a weapon.
The entire world works on this data, and this data can enslave anybody, it can destroy anyone.

There is only two solution to it, either stop using a smartphone or start using it wisely.

A philosopher once said that one who shapes him according to nature, survives.
Technology wise update yourself, "Information is Wealth, Keep it Safe""

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