Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Is Mentality and Mindset the Same???

Basically, what do you understand by MINDSET and Mentality??

Let me answer these Questions……
No, Mentality and Mindset are not same but we can call it similar. Why? This is because both are related to Thoughts & Thinking.
MINDSET: It’s an attitude held by somebody
MENTALITY: It’s a way of thinking.
Mentality of more of fixed kind but Mindset could change by influence. So, now it’s cleared that mindset and mentality do differ.

Now let’s talk about mindsets. There are major 2 types of mindsets – GROWTH and FIXED.

Now let’s listen to a story. The story of Meow and Bow having different mindsets.

Bow’s intelligence is static but Meow’s can be developed.
Bow desires to look smart and knowledgeable but Meow desires to learn more.
Bow avoids challenges and makes excuses but Meow loves challenges.
Bow always gives up easily whereas, Meow persists despite obstacles.
Bow blindly ignores useful feedbacks but Meow always takes the criticism as learning.
Bow is always lazy to put effort as he thinks it’s fruitless for him and Meow is always determined to put effort as she sees it as a golden path to mastery.

Meow is always inspired by other’s success whereas; Bow is always nagging out of jealousy or is threatened by other’s success.

Success in life is a matter not so much of talents as of concentration and perseverance - C. W Wendte

Bow balances, facilitates, conveys, listens closely whereas, Meow makes, produces, manages, answers, considers. So, now it’s up to you to become Bow or Meow
Once Carol S. Dweck said: Our studies show that teaching people to have a “growth mindset”, which encourages a focus on effort rather than on talent or intelligence, helps make them into high achiever’s in schools and in life.

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Is your data protected? Is it limited to only you??

We're living in the era of "Information age" where almost every person uses a smart phone and somehow are addicted to it. We install apps and press the allow button on every permissions, the application owner use these apps to get control of our phone which contains a lot of data including access to your gallery. The easiest and quickest source to download a movie is Torrent, but this is the place where the most dangerous virus finds a way to enter into our hard disks and hence can access all the data present in it.

In this Cyber world, we should be aware of the frauders and the hackers as well, maybe sometime you got an empty message, maybe you don't remember or forgot about it, the moment you open it, all the information stored in your phone including messages, photographs, mail, camera, recorded voice, everything gets hacked. This can be be in any other form like an E-mail which states that you have won a lottery of 5 lakh rupees, after clicking on that link either it asks for your bank account details to transfer the money or asks to pay some amount of Rs 5000 or something as a custom duty tax. Another type may state that you have been selected in any giant company like Toyota or Maruti Suzuki and they may offer you a hansome salary, but at the same time you will notice that they are asking for some sort of money for the confirmation and to make sure you are joining their company as many person do not join even after the confirmation which leads to business loss, they will say. Don't fall into these kind of traps, trust me there is no one in this selfish world apart from your dear ones who thinks of your benefit unless they themselves are making any profit out of it.

Coming back to the Information business, every information is being sold, thousands of people share their phone number and e-mail id to get the lucky draw prize, they take the photocopies of the information and sell them.
We normally throw away the boarding pass after arriving from flight, there's a QR code printed on them, if we scan that code, we'll get the passport details, contact number, and the card and bank details used to buy the ticket are revealed, these information are being sold at a very good price to few agents and they've contacts with the call center people, you often get calls from call center or finance companies offering you car loans, home loans, personal loans, awards, rewards, offers, foreign trips etc.
The companies are always on look out for new customers, the fraud looks out for new prey, the information is bought from the call centers.

Information is power, in 1969 NASA sent a rocket to moon with the help of computer, our smartphone are million times more powerful, we're living in greatest of all times, "The information age"
Earlier battle was fought with weapons, then came the trend of bio-war, now we've "Cyber War"
For someone who can use data, its not an information for him, its a weapon.
The entire world works on this data, and this data can enslave anybody, it can destroy anyone.

There is only two solution to it, either stop using a smartphone or start using it wisely.

A philosopher once said that one who shapes him according to nature, survives.
Technology wise update yourself, "Information is Wealth, Keep it Safe""

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Most Desired Destinations

“Once in a year go somewhere, you have never been before.”~ Dalai Lama

Desired Destinations

If I talk about desired destinations, rather I would say desired destinations, it is definitely INDIA. This is not merely as I am Indian and a Patriot.

This is because India is a mini version of the world. India has the richest history, strongest geography and splendid economy with the real civics. You get to the awesomeness in diversity of languages, religions, dresses, foods and tradition. Amongst all the diverse cultures there is an expression which is same all over India- Atithi Devo Bhawo. This means that We Indians treat our guests as Almighty/God.

We love cooking dishes and cuisines from different parts of with various Origins.

My dream is to travel each and every parts of India and explore the variety and vividness of heritage.

I wish for a trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, a trip from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh . I want to taste the Dhokla (Gujarat) to Machher Jhol (West Bengal) to experience the taste of India. I want to dive in the Yamuna River (Uttar Pradesh) and then eat Poha-Jalebi (Madhya Pradesh) to experience the calmness of India. I want to have the special street Chats (Maharashtra) and visit the Aurobindo Ashram (Tamil Nadu) to experience the culture of India. I want to explore God’s Own Country (Kerala) and admire the Pink City (Jaipur, Rajasthan) to experience Royalty of India. To experience the natural pollution free scenic beauty, I want to visit our islands- Daman & Diu and Andaman & Nicobar.

Well said by the Founder of Communist Party in India, Mark Twain. He once said- “India is the Cradle of the Human Race, the Birthplace of Human Speech, the Mother of History, the Grandmother of Legends and the Great Grandmother of Tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the History of Mankind are treasured up by India.”

See the magic of India’s rich mix of cultural heritage and tradition that its spirituality, beauty and forward-thinking compelled the former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes and his wife to fall in love with India. He was so inspired by the colorful and magical balance of this Country that he ended up naming his Newborn daughter “INDIA RHODES”.

Now you have got a brief idea about why we Indians say:

Saare jahan se achha,
Hindusitan humara.
Hum bulbuley hain iski,
Ye Gulastan humara…


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Monday, April 22, 2019

Is Nudity the New Modernity???

We live in a world where we have been given the right to speak, celebrate and follow whatever we wish to (that abides by the law). In such a world, where everything is so peaceful and respectful, we are coming across scenarios where people are confused with the concept of Modernity, Westernization and Nudity.

First let’s understand the actual meanings of these words.

Modernity: It’s the self-definition of a generation about its sweeping changes that takes place in the “society” in the field of technological innovation, literature, governance and socio-economics.
Westernization: The process of adopting ideas and behavior those are typical of Europe and North America, rather than preserving the ideas and behavior traditional in their culture.
Nudity: It’s the state or fact of being naked. The lack of something essential, especially to legal validity.

Now as you all know the major differences between the above words, it will be little easy for me to explain the concept that BEING NUDE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING MODERN.

Nowadays, we are adopting western culture to such an extent that we have forgotten our Roots, our culture and our tradition. This particular phenomenon is known as Westernization. This westernization leads to modernization and nudity (based on the culture we are adopting).
A society is called modern when it upgrades its literature and technology. This comes into effect due to westernization. And as we all know that North America and Europe are the developed countries of the world. So the under developed countries and developing countries are trying to adopt and implement the western culture.
But as you know there is a phrase, “to imitate also you need senses”.
This phrase fits here perfectly. People find to adopt the clothing style easy so the first and foremost misunderstood part is Clothing. As these developed countries are like promoting nudity and for that they are praised and encouraged, this is giving a wrong concept of modernity to the followers. Ending up to an inappropriate impact and the worst part is that they are not even aware of this fact.
According to recent report, The Supreme Court of India banned a Chinese short video app TIKTOK and the reason was nudity. Same way Facebook also has a filter where inappropriate; legally and ethically incorrect posts are deleted by the Facebook team itself.
Just for the sake of self-promotion, glamour and fan following the current generation has lost their ethics and can go to any extent. Nude can never be modern. Modernization means upgrading the living and technology. In the Stone Age and before that there were no technologies so they were the naked ones without any machines for clothing. But now at this era where we are so developed in matter of technologies, this doesn’t make any sense to go back to the Stone Age era clothing style.
The tribes all over the world can’t be defined as nudes, the sole reason behind this fact is they are following their tradition, ie. Living in the nature with the nature and perishing in the nature. They are not open to westernization, not even modernization.

Dude, without nudity this world wouldn’t be worth livin’!!!

Nudity is seen as a great taboo in North America, although I don’t why… ??

It’s high time that the youth and their icons need to understand this fact. Being modern and adopting western culture doesn’t mean roaming naked or almost nude. Boycott this taboo and save this generation and the coming generations to live a respectful and systematic life.

I myself am a woman and also support “my life, my rules and my style” but that doesn’t allow me to just roam naked. So, I am a person who believes in 3D(s): Democracy, Discipline and Decency.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

how to be active in swimming and dancing on your bleeding days!!!!

Hola!! You might be thinking what this content is all about?
Here's the answer to your questions…..
Tampons Over Pads…
why ???
lets see………

Hi Girls & Guys!!

This information is for both girls and guys, even though guys don’t have PERIODS.
From childhood we girls have come across scenarios of DO's and DON'Ts especially in our puberty (9 to 15 years). The major one is PERIODS/ Menstruation/Cycles whatever name you want you can call it. So first of all, let me clear one thing.

Periods is a Blessing, not a Taboo.

Periods or Menstruation is not a disease or shame; it's a natural process of shedding of the uterine lining (which is also called endometrium tissues) and blood from the uterus through the cervix and vagina.
This happens when the egg (ova), which is released into the uterus from the ovary, is not fertilized by the any sperm then this uterine lining (which acts as the placental wall during pregnancy) sheds off with blood. This phenomenon occurs every month until the occurrence of pregnancy, thus it's called as the Menstrual Cycle. These are the basics of menstruation every girl and boy should know on entering Puberty. The parents should teach their children about menstruation.
Boys/Guys out there, please heed to my Shout-Out….
You have MOTHERS, SISTERS, GIRLFRIENDS, WIFE, FRIENDS, RELATIVES, CLASSMATE, COLLEAGUE or any Known Females in your circle. Please support them with respect & care. Tell them that you are so fortunate to have them. Thank them for being the reason for the generation growth. Salute them for the pain they go through in both the cases- Periods and Pregnancy. Take good care of their diet because there is heavy blood loss which makes them anemic, weak and fragile. Try to give them rest from difficult physical work for these 4 days…
If you see blood stain on their pants or skirts, inform them about it. Never make fun of their situation as they go through tremendous pain (headache, acne, bloating, pain in lower abdomen, tiredness, mood swings called as PMS, food cravings, breast soreness and sometimes Diarrhea). Educate your next male generations on these facts.


Now it's time for the Menstrual Health:
Menstrual Health is one of the most important steps to prevent severe disease outbreak in the genital area. The first and foremost step or precaution is washing hands before and after touching the genitals. Second step is selection and use of correct absorption material based on the blood flow. And the final step, i.e. Changing of the absorbent after every 4 to 8 hours.

There are 4 types of absorbing materials available in markets for use in Periods - Washable cloth pads, Disposable sanitary napkins, Disposable tampons, Reusable menstrual cups.

Washable cloth pads are made up of an absorbent cloth and are washed & dried between each use like lingerie.
Disposable sanitary napkins are of 2 types- dry-net cover and cottony cover. These pads are made up of materials from forestry and petroleum industry. The core is made up of wood pulp bleached with chlorine and polyacrylate gels (sucks the liquid quickly, keeping the surface dry) which holds the blood in a suspension under pressure. Both the types differ by only one material. In dry-net cover, the pad is coated with chemicals used to make plastics like BPA and BPS for longer dried surface.
Tampons are made up of cotton, rayon or mixture of both. There are 2 types of tampons~ Chlorine bleached, scented and non-bleached, non-scented. It's advised to use the non-bleached and non-scented tampons.
Menstrual cups are made up of medical grade skin friendly silicone or latex (rubber) and are flexible. Its cup or bell shaped with a protruded tip.
The major drawback for washable pads is that you will always need a wet bag system wherever you go, it will move around when you are active and sometimes there is fair chance of leakage. The duration of use is 2-3 hours.

The drawback for disposable pads is that it is whitened with chlorine bleach (which produces a harmful byproduct Dioxin) and contains plastic chemicals (which can easily enter the bloodstream via vagina). Sometimes these chemical reactions results in cervical cancer. The duration of use is 4-5 hours.
Tampons and Menstrual Cups are safer to use and definitely can be used by Virgins. The hymen might break due to tension or pressure but it will not lose the Virginity. They are the perfect partner for active sports and workouts on your bleeding days. It is confortable, easy to carry, biodegradable and affordable.
The tampons can be worn for 4-8 hours maximum and need to be replaced before 4-8 hours according to the flow rate. The non-bleached and non-scented Tampons are eco & skin friendly.
The menstrual cups can be worn until its filled, maximum up to 12 hours. One cup is sufficient and can be washed and used for almost 10 years. They are eco & skin friendly.

The application of both is into the vagina, so hygiene should be maintained. And also change in the dedicated time to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome.

As Menstrual cups are difficult and sometimes painful to remove,

So, I would suggest all the girls & women out there to go ahead and try TAMPONS

For a hygienic and safe menstrual cycles as well as Health…


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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Best Mobile Phones Under 20000

Hoping to purchase the best mobiles under 20000? This year, there were a great deal of new mobile phone dispatches in the 20,000 smartphone portion. While the greater part of these cell phones offer great execution, some can truly run toe to toe with top of the line leader cell phones. All in all, you have a ton of alternatives in the event that you are hoping to purchase the best cell phone under 20000, yet which one to purchase on the off chance that you have a financial plan under Rs 20000? To make things straightforward, here is our rundown of the main 10 mobiles under 20000 in India for 2018. These telephones offer great execution, camera quality, details and great highlights at mid-go value focuses and are suggested for clients with a financial plan of under 20000.So here are the best 10 best cell phones under 20000 in India. This is not a ranking so, don't follow the order. We will give ranking according to us at the end.

1. Xiaomi Poco F1

Xiaomi's Poco F1, likewise called Pocophone F1, is the best esteem for-cash cell phone accessible in the market. The handset accompanies leader grade Snapdragon 845 processor at an incredibly reasonable value point. Xiaomi's new sub-brand's first cell phone does offer incredible execution as well as packs some fit cameras and a gigantic 4,000mAh battery. On the off chance that you like gaming on your handset and have certain spending limitations, this may be the best cell phone accessible for you.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon | Filpkart

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro 128GB

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro 128GB mobile features a 6.3" (16 cm) display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and runs on Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system. The device is powered by Octa core (2 GHz, Dual core, Kryo 460 + 1.7 GHz, Hexa Core, Kryo 460) processor paired with 6 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 4000 mAh. Over that, as far as the rear camera is concerned this mobile has a 48 MP + 5 MP camera Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor supporting a resolution of 8000 x 6000 Pixels and the front snapper is powered by a Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor. Other sensors include Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope. So, does it have a fingerprint sensor? Yes, it does. For graphical performance that can make games run smoothly, this phone has got a Adreno 612 GPU. On board storage is at 128 GB with the option to expand the memory by Yes Up to 256 GB. Design is one of the most important factors when it comes to mobiles. This phone is 8.1 mm slim and weighs 186 grams.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Filpkart

3. Xiaomi Mi A2

The Mi A2 is the successor of the Mi A1 and accompanies a Snapdragon 660 SoC in the engine. It has a thin profile, a tall 18:9 display and a standout amongst the top tier cameras at that cost. The way that it likewise offer stock Android alongside opportune Android Update, makes the Xiaomi Mi A2 the best versatile under Rs. 20,000 in the event that you are searching for stock/unadulterated Android experience.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon | Filpkart

4. Realme 2 Pro

The Realme 2 Pro packs a quick Snapdragon 660 chipset and sports a waterdrop notch that offers a great deal of screen land. It's likewise very great to take a gander at with a covered glass plan and the camera isn't too terrible.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon | Filpkart

5. Honor Play

The Honor Play is focused for gamers. With a Kirin 970 SoC and Huawei's GPU Turbo innovation, this is an easy decision for anybody searching for a decent gaming phone. With leader equipment and a mid-range value, the Honor Play is a standout amongst the best portable to purchase under Rs 20000.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon

6. Huawei P20 Lite

The Huawei P20 Lite holds the structure reasoning of the more costly P20 Pro, as well as the camera ability. The mobile accompanies a dual camera setup at the back that makes damn great photographs! The P20 Lite is somewhat costly however than the remainder of the mid-range, yet it has a camera coordinated by few out other which clarifies its consideration in this list.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon

7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

If you are searching for the best mobile under 20K, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro in its 6GB is difficult to beat. The phone ticks all the privilege check-boxes, offering a two-day battery life, a great camera at the back and superb execution, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC. The 18:9 univisum display is nice and the only complaint we have with the phone is that is not running on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. Overall, then the 6GB variant of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is the best phone under 20000.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon

8. Moto One Power

The One Power is Moto's first Android One mobile that does the fundamentals without flaw. It has smooth, solid execution and the battery life is massive with a 5,000mAh battery. It's a bit too bulky to even consider holding.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon | Filpkart

9. Nokia 6.1 Plus

The Nokia 6.1 Plus is the first Nokia mobile with a notch and has a Snapdragon 636 SoC in the engine. It has a minimized form with a glass-sandwich plan which looks very premium. In addition it is Android One ensured.

Click below to see offer:

Price: Amazon

10. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 same as Redmi Note 5 Pro, but with stock Android Oreo 8.1 inside. The mobile has the same set of hardware as far as performance is considered and thanks to a cheaper entry price for the 3GB RAM variant, the Zenfone Max Pro is a clear winner. It would have been the number one if the camera at the back was more reliable, but because the Redmi Note 5 Pro's camera is highly superior, this comes in a close second in the top mobile under Rs 20,000.

Click below to see offer:
Price: Amazon

According to us, here is our ranking.
  1. Xiaomi Poco F1
  2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
  3. Xiaomi Mi A2
  4. Honor Play
  5. Realme 2 Pro
  6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
  7. Huawei P20 Lite
  8. Moto One Power
  9. Nokia 6.1 Plus
  10. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019


In this world full of digital media, almost everyone in the urban areas have a multimedia phone which contains few mandatory apps, WhatsApp and Facebook are one of those, but these days youngsters also prefer to have at-least one of the dating app in their phone so that they never miss out any opportunity and always have a second option in their hand.

Trust me guys almost every girl wants to keep a Stephanie in their life so that in case anything goes wrong they can use that as a resource and this is the reason why these dating apps are this much successful in the market.

Before we start this beautiful and interesting topic let me thank my girlfriend to whom I met on a dating app and this whole content has been written by taking her help and along with her thoughts to make this full proof and practical.

Let us start with some tips which can be useful to rule this dating world:
  • Make your profile picture attractive using the resource available around you
  • Click your photos with a pet like a dog or a cat which will help understand the people on other side that your are sensitive and care enough, no matter you have a pet or not, use your friend's or your neighbor's pet and just click a cute selfie to prove your innocence, and when the conversation starts and she asks about it, you can manage this conversation by telling that I love pets but since I cannot take care of these in a 09:00-06:00 job as they will be all alone the whole day, I decided to have one when someone is around to take care of them.
  • Upload your photos with your car/bike, doesn't matter which company it belongs to, this will show that you are a fun loving guy and always ready for a trip as most of the ladies in the market would prefer a trip very likely.
  • When you matched with someone you want to date, show your curiousness by sending a text first, don't wait for her to send you a text first as this will show the negative attitude of yours and she may think you are least interested in her.

Start with a Hello or Hi or Hey with her name and wait for her to reply because if you keep on texting without a reply it will show you as a desperate person who just needs a girl no matter who she is.
When the very most obvious reply comes with a Hi, the show is ON because that shows she is also interested in you and from here you need to take the charge and try starting with some interesting topics like something from her own profile.
Look at her profile again and try to find some clue because this is the topic she will be most interested to discuss about, like if someone has mentioned entrepreneur in her profile, discuss about the idea on which she is investing and praise her idea.
Don't just start to praise her beauty, oh that's the most outdated fashion now and girls generally get bored listening to all these as many would have already tried this, think something unique and extraordinary which must be interesting.
Never give a one word answer like YES, NO, Hmm etc; rather never ask a question which have a one word answer.
Don't go for a personal question in the first chat itself, let her ask this question first.
Never ever ask for her number or a date in the first chat, if its short, if the chat goes for a long then depending on the situation you may ask with a punch line "I don't know whether I should ask you for your number now"
When she is ready to give you the contact, the ball is in your court, you may ask for a date when the right time comes with a punch line like "Drink or Dinner"
Remember, the girls prefer a guy who lives alone not with friends, but you may manage this smartly.
Don't ever say that you never had a girlfriend and even don't mention you left your ex-girlfriend(in case you did), you can use this line that "she got married".

If you already reached up-to here then you are all set!
All the best for your future dates!!!

And yeah please let us know if this blog helped you in any ways getting you the right partner what you were looking for, we'll be very happy to listen from you guys.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Facebook hopes to put confinements on who can go live afterChristchurch assault

                       Image result for facebook live hd

Facebook Inc Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said on Friday the organization was hoping to put limitations on who can go live on its stage dependent on specific criteria in the result of the Christchurch slaughter.

The organization will screen who can go "Live" on Facebook relying upon variables, for example, earlier network standard infringement, Sandberg said in a blog entry https://instagram-press.com/blog/2019/03/29/by-working-together-we-can-win-against-hate/

A solitary shooter murdered 50 individuals at two mosques in New Zealand on March 15, while live-streaming.

Facebook has recognized in excess of 900 distinct recordings appearing of the 17-minutes of slaughter and has utilized its current man-made brainpower devices to distinguish and evacuate abhor bunches in Australia and New Zealand, the blog said.

A week ago, the person to person communication goliath said it evacuated 1.5 million recordings internationally that had film of the New Zealand mosque assault in the initial 24 hours after the assault. A week ago, the person to person communication goliath said it evacuated 1.5 million recordings internationally that had film of the New Zealand mosque assault in the initial 24 hours after the assault.

Prior this week, one of the fundamental gatherings speaking to Muslims in France said it was suing Facebook and YouTube, blaming them for affecting brutality by permitting the spilling of the video.

Facebook, the world's biggest informal organization with 2.7 billion clients, has confronted developing discontent over its way to deal with protection and client information in the midst of expanding worries over its publicizing rehearses.

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Friday, March 29, 2019


If you're tempted to tip one back when you’re on the bum end of an infuriatingly slow signal, you
may be onto something. When you're finished, you might be able to turn that
empty beer can into a Wi-Fi extending DIY parabolic (alcoholic?) antenna. Wi-Fi
range in the house not getting right then don’t get bothered but rather that
that it is justified, that sometimes there is very little technical fault that
can be easily adjusted. When your life is nothing but trolling and viral
videos, having a bad wi-fi connection can be incredibly irritating. Poor
loading times, lost connections, and more can put a strain on your time. We are
going to tell you how empty beer cans can be used to strong a Wi-Fi signal.

Why is the Wi-Fi signal tarnishing ??

Signals failure can be many reasons in the home. The largest cause does of
something to come between the router and the device. Many times people put
TV, fridge etc. in front of the router,is a major difference caused in the router
signal. It is one of the biggest causes of brake signal. Any
electronic device forward to router could damage your speed Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi at home can make metal Reflector:-

With the help of Empty beer cans or soda bottles, metal reflectors can be made
.You can send Wi-Fi signal in the same direction at home. From this, both the
speed and the signal will be affected in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Put your Wi-Fi router in its (proper) place:-  The right place, not under
the kitchen sink. For the strongest possible wireless connection, position your
Wi-Fi router on a flat surface off the floor, closest to the center of your
home, if possible. Somewhere up high and out in the open is best, away from
thick, dense brick, stone, metal or concrete walls that could hamper the
signal. Be sure to station your router so that signals will go straight through
walls, as opposed to at an angle. Wi-Fi signals significantly weaken when they
hit walls at angles, according to Verizon even some wallpapers hinder Wi-Fi
radio waves.

What do you need:-

* Empty can of beer
*cans for cutting sharp-edged knife
* Scissors
* Tape to paste


1) Firstly wash aluminum beer or soda cans well  to make Metal reflectors. Note cans for the
Wi-Fi route should be thoroughly dried before they are used.

2) Now with a knife cut the aluminum cans. Complete disconnect the below part and leave a little place on the top part . With scissors cut the tip of the fullest part of Can and left a little part. Now Can will look like the picture above.

3) Now you can fix the lid of beer on the router Antenna (as in the photo) ordered. Use tape to fix. The double side tape will stick more easily. It also can be rotated accordingly. The metal reflectors may also be on the same side of the turn signal on.

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There are many apps on Google Play Store which can transfer several GB of
data via Wi-Fi connectivity within minutes. These apps transfers data
upto 20MB / sec speed higher than the 4G download speeds.The maximum
download speed of 4G occurs 12MB / sec.


App: SHARE it - File Transfer

  > Can share all kinds of files.
  > 200 times more speed than Bluetooth.
  > USB, Internet data not needed.
  > Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac can support all.
  > Cross-platform transfer on.

Size necessary to install the Android user ratings
5.1MB 50 million and more than 2.2 4.4 stars

Download link:- Click here (Andriod), Click here (Windows Phone), Click here (ios)

App: Share Cloud - Share By 1-Click

> 1-click file shares.
> Apps, music, photos backup.
> Can share several files at once.
> You can share files on Google Drive.

App: CShare (Transfer File anywhere)

> Identify the file and share the device with a single click.
> Internet data, USB not needed.
> Video, audio, photos or other kind of file shares.
> 100 meters from the data transfer.
> Be in the range Find the phone is automatic.

Size necessary to install the Android user ratings

2.8MB 50 million and more than 2.3 4.4 stars.

Download link:- Click here (Andriod)

App: Share apps

>Can share multiple applications.
> SD card can directly save the file.
> Play Store can see the link to an app.
> Location Tracker Free share.

Size necessary to install the Android user ratings

2.5MB 50 million and more than 2.3 4.3 stars
Download link:- Click here (Andriod)

App: Xender: File Transfer, Sharing

> Internet, data and USB need.
> Any kind of file in a time share.
> Group by 4 device data share.
> Cross-platform data share.
Size necessary to install the Android user ratings
8.1MB 5 million and more than 2.3 4.3 stars
Download:- Click here (Andriod), Click here (Windows Phone), Click here (ios)

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Core Java Volume I Fundamentals by Cay S.Horstmann & Gary Cornell

Fully updated to reflect Java SE 7 language changes, Core Java &
trade, Volume I-Fundamentals, Eighth Edition, is the definitive guide to
the Java platform. Designed for serious programmers, this reliable,
unbiased, no-nonsense tutorial illuminates key Java language and library
features with thoroughly tested code examples.

in previous editions, all code is easy to understand, reflects modern
best practices and is specifically designed to help jump-start your
projects. Volume I quickly brings you up-to-speed on Java SE 7 core
language enhancements, including the diamond operator, improved resource
handling and catching of multiple exceptions. All of the code examples
have been updated to reflect these enhancements and complete
descriptions of new SE 7 features are integrated with insightful
explanations of fundamental Java concepts.

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