Monday, July 6, 2020

Is Boycotting Chinese product necessary & beneficial?

Since there is a cold war going between India and China, is there anything we could help to the government? The answer is "Yes", We'll tell you How??

Everyone wants to be hero, the actual hero of our country is the soldiers who are protecting every inch of the land no matter whatever the consequences will be.

So here is your golden opportunity to become a hero, you need not to go to LAC for that, it can be simply done by sitting at home itself, the only thing we are supposed to do for that is "Boycott Chinese Products"

Whatever the Chinese products we buy, the benefits goes directly to China and we all know that China is a secular country, so indirectly all the profits comes to the Chinese government and they are using it at the LAC against our soldiers and our country.

In nutshell we our self are funding China to buy weapons and use it against us to kill our Indian soldiers at the LAC.
The soldiers are physically present there and protecting us, the least we could do is to just use our fingers in order to uninstall Chinese applications from our mobile phone and to Boycott Chinese products in parallel.

Boycotting their product will bring revolution in the Chinese market as India has the second largest population after China in the world so Chinese are expanding its product base in India, the more is the population, the maximum is the sale. And to attract the youth towards their product they use to set the price value very low because they believe in less income but maximum sale so by doing this they actually get the desired gross profit and income which they want.

Recently Indian Government banned 59 Chinese applications, if Indians were matured enough to understand the consequences of keeping the Chinese apps in our phone then government would not have taken this strict and hard action suddenly, the reason behind this is crystal clear, lets see how.

The most important thing now a days is your data, and it is us who is giving all the unnecessary permissions while installing the apps on mobile, just think why would Tik Tok require your access to Gallery and your messages? What would a ShareIt company do to your messages? They ultimately take all the permissions from ourselves during installation and we simply click "Allow" without knowing the consequences.

By allowing all the permissions, an Admin of the application can easily get all your info or data present in your mobile and use it for the analysis or whatever they want.
For more information on "Data Security and Privacy" please click here

At the end I can only say - You are not a robot who can be treated by anyone and anyways they want it, so be wise and choose wisely.

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